5 Star Hajj Packages
3rd July 2022

Makkah – 5 Star Hilton Hotel Also Known as Makkah Hotel & Towers

Rs. 8,05,000/-

Rs. 7,50,000/-

Rs. 7,15,000/-

Madinah – 5 Star Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick

Rs. 8,05,000/-

Rs. 7,50,000/-

Rs. 7,15,000/-

  • Shifting Hotel / Azizia – Rehaab Al Mahabba

Rs. 8,05,000/-

Rs. 7,50,000/-

Rs. 7,15,000/-


32 Days

Package Cost

4 Bed = Rs. 7,15,000/-

3 Bed = Rs. 7,50,000/-

2 Bed = Rs. 8,05,000/-

Departure Date

3rd July 2022


Saudi Airline 

Makkah Hotel

5 Star Hilton Hotel Also Known as Makkah Hotel & Towers

Madinah Hotel

5 Star Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick

Shifting Hotel / Azizia

3 Star Rehaab Al Mahabba (Near Jamaraat)


Office No 5 (VIP)


Other Services

Delicious Indian Food

Free Laundry Services

VIP Tent in Mina & Arafat

Round Trip Local Ziyarat of Makkah & Madina

Seat to Seat Luxury Bus Service during 5day of Hajj

Complimentary 5 Litres ZAM-ZAM

  • Stay in Makkah: 5 Star Hotel in Makkah. (Makkah Millennium Hotel previously known as Hilton Hotel with full Board Meals.
  • Stay in Madinah: 4 or 5 Star in Madinah. (MovenPick Hotel with full Board Meals).
  • Shifting Class Hotel:  Hotel stay during shifting period in Makkah will be provided in Azizia or similar location.
  • Stay in Mina Arafat: VIP Tents will be available for stay in Mina and Arafat. (Amenities of VIP tents may differ based on directions from the Government of Saudi Arabia).
  • Food: Meals during Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be available in Buffet Self Service System. Meal timings should be followed strictly. No meals will be served beyond meal timings. No food service in rooms will be allowed.
  • Moallim: Services from VIP Moallim will be taken during The Hajj period. (Stay and Food in Mina, Arafat & Muzdalifah will be arranged by the Moallim).
  • Local Ziyarat: Ziyarat of Historical places in Makkah & Madinah with experienced guides. (Subject to Availability of permission from the Government of Saudi Arabia).
  • Luxury Busses:: Luxury Bus service with Seat to Seat accommodation (i.e. Jeddah Airport to Makkah- Mina-Arafat-Muzdalifah-Makkah-Madinah & Madinah Airport).
  • Wheel Chair: Any Haji who needs a wheel chair at the airport should inform the organizer at the time of booking.
  • Airlines: Saudi Arabian Airline Direct Return Flight.
  • Hajj Visa: Hajj Visa will be provided.
  • Laundry Services: Laundry with a limit of 31 pair of clothes per Haji will be provided for the entire tour period.
  • Gifts: Complimentary Gifts will be provided to all Hajees.
  • Zam Zam Water: 5 Litres of Zam Zam will be complimentary gift from Star Tours & Travels.
  • Orientation Programme: A programme will be hled in Mumbai to educate about Hajj Arkaans before our departure. All Haj Pilgrims will be informed about the Date & Venue of the programme accordingly.
  • Mufti Saheb / Religious Guide: Hazrat Mufti Aasif Bombaywala Sahab will be with us throughout the Hajj Journey to guide about the Hajj Arkaans
  • Tour Organisers: Organiser will be always available at your service throughout the Hajj Journey.
  • NOTE : All Hotels are subject to availability or we will provide a similar hotel.

GST: Cost of 5% GST i.e. Rs. 23,000/= is not included in this package.

Qurbani: Cost of Qurbani is not included in this package.

Dum or Sadqa: Cost of Dum or Sadqa incurred by the Haji is not included in this package.

Personal Travel: Cost of personal travel to Haram Shariff during shifting period is not included in this package.

Fines: Cost of Fine incurred by the Haji due to negligence or ignorance is not included in this package.

Damage to Hotel Property: Any damage to Hotel property by the Hajee shall be Bourne by the responsible Hajee.

Medical Expenses: Cost of Medicines needed or bought by the Haji in Saudi Arabia is not included in this package.

Vaccination: Cost of Mandatory Vaccination (Meningitis, Oral Polio & other Vaccines) to be taken by the Hajis 15 days prior to departure to Saudi Arabia is not included in this package.

Excessive Luggage: Cost of excessive luggage is not included in this package. (Acceptable limit is 40 Kg for Flight & 7 Kg for Hand Luggage).

Tawaf-E-Ziyarat: Cost of travel during Tawaf-E-Ziyarat and Tawaf-E-Vida / Rukhsati is not included in this package.

Additional Stay: Cost of additional stay other than the group is not included in this package.

Unused Services: No refund in case of unused services or lesser duration of stay.

Additional Meal: If Meal timings are not followed, Meals may not be available. Additional meal cost in such cases shall be borne by the Haji. All Hajis are Expected to follow self-service during Meals.

Extra Fees: 2000 Riyals Saudi government fees applicable for repeater pilgrims

  • Hajj is very easy, but as Allah Subhaan Wa Taala has said there will be hardship.
  • Our submission to this hardship and thanking Allah Taala for giving us the opportunity to be his guest and perform Haj is of Prime Importance here and the Key for Maqbuliyat of our Hajj.
  • Thus we need to be mentally and physically prepared so that we do not lose focus on our ibadat and get misguided by the Shaitan.
  • Also remember that the Organisers team will be there with you at all times, they will do their best to ease thing as much as possible.
  • There will be immense crowd of Hajis from all over the world gathered during this specific period for a common objective of Hajj.
  • At Jeddah Airport except long waiting hours (approx… 10 to 12 hours) for clearing immigration and customs. Thus you need to maintain great deal of patience.
  • There will be no transportation between Muzdalifah to Mina Tents. Hajis have to cover this distance by walking only.
  • It is common to get body aches, cough and cold. Get along necessary medication for existing illness and common illness. Medicines in Saudi Arabia are very expensive.
  • To avoid losing Luggage make sure all your luggage are properly tagged. Make sure Identifiers or Labels are placed on easily identifiable areas of your luggage. Hand carry your valuables.
  • The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss of luggage.
  • VIP Tents: VIP Tents can be understood as follows:
  • There may be one or more Air Conditioners and Air Coolers.
  • There may be foam mattresses. (Sofa Cum Bed).
  • At the same time, all Hajis will be very closely placed to each other in the tents thus once fully occupied it looks congested.
  • Common toilets: There will be few toilets for large number of people hence you can expect Ques.
  • When going to Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah, make sure you have minimum luggage i.e. only necessary items as there will not be space to keep excessive luggage.
  • Due to traffic conditions and dependency on Moallim there may be waiting time for busses.
  • There could be any unexpected change in rules by the Government of Saudi Arabia or the Moallim, we need to accept and comply.
  • Application form should be submitted with Rs. 1,00,000/= by Cheque, Demand Draft or Pay Order should be in favour of  STAR TOURS AND TRAVELS, (Payable at Mumbai) or Pay by NEFT / RTGS Transfer. Balance amount to be paid in 2 easy installments.
  • Second installment of Rs. 2,50,000/- shall be paid on or before 10th May 2022.
  • Third & final installment shall be paid on or before 06th july 2022.
  • Compulsory Valid Passport of  6 months before the departure for Hajj
  • 8 Photos (Passport Size) & 4 photos, 4cm X 6cm & additional 4 passport size photographs with White background required.
  • Carrying Any Forms or substance of Narcotics / Drugs are banned & Punishable by Death Penalty.
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